Enable context menu for Smart Groups

Same as with contextual menus not working for the Watching section on tvOS but in this case both iOS and tvOS can no longer access the contextual menu when a movie has more than one “version”.

That sounds correct to me since Infuse wouldn’t know which movie you wanted to address. I haven’t run into this just because I haven’t had to use it but I’ll dig a bit and see what I can figure out. Maybe someone else that’s run into this can chime in too.

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Yup, it’s because you don’t have a specific movie selected to apply the contextual menu to.

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The contextual menu works perfectly fine with TV Shows in the same contexts (example being the Collections feature) and there are many files per show so it applies to all of them. “More than 1 item / version” movie groupings are even less ambiguous because “which movie to address” can only be one movie - and Infuse even “treats” it as a singular movie (when watching it, it updates the resume time for both versions of the movie, the watched state, adding to a collection, etc) thus it knows what movie to open the contextual menu for.

Since I can’t open the contextual menu for it inside of a collection tho, I can’t “re-order” the movie within one. I can do everything else the contextual menu lets me do from within the movie screen and if I make a change to one version, it applies to both versions except for the “Add to Playlist” function which means that in the contextual menu - “Adding to Playlist” could either apply to all versions like how Infuse handles TV series or Infuse could remove the “Add to playlist” option for multi-item movies altogether (this options seems more intuitive).

Tidbit, you can even hit the “Play” button on the controller of a “2 item” movie and it will work - it’s just the contextual menu that doesn’t. This isn’t that big of a deal, it just feels unintuitive when working with media inside of a collection since “Re-order” is exclusively part of the contextual menu so if more than one movie had a 720P and 1080P version within a collection, it would be impossible to re-order them as you wanted to on ATV at least (haven’t checked other platforms).

Is there a specific task you are hoping to perform via the context menu?

Since a Smart Group will represent a set of files, many of the tasks available in the regular context menu will not really apply to a group a files. However, I suppose there is a case for making a limited context menu available for Smart Groups.

Moving to suggestions for now.

My edge use case would primarily be to Re-order multi-version movies in the Collections page on tvOS. But thinking about ALL users - having “Add / Remove From Collection”, “Rate”, and “Mark as Watched / Unwatched” would be nice, honestly the only thing in the contextual menu that doesn’t apply to a “multi-version” movie is “Playlist” unless you disagree and think that in playlists multi-version movies should act as a singular movie (I don’t think they should as I feel that’s one of the main reasons collections exist for).

Additionally, it would be SO MUCH easier to add all movie versions to a collection as there’s almost no reason to add only one version of a movie to a collection.

Adding all items manually to a collection one by one is a ton of clicks. I can do it sure, but I don’t see why the contextual menu doesn’t apply to multi-item movies. Would def make my life easier.

after thinking heavily about it, collection should stay on in the contextual menu - only 10% of the time do i want a specific cut to be in a different collection then the rest of the other versions and i can just “correct” that item’s specific categories after i do a “contextual menu induced mass edit” of all the items at once

most of the time they all share the same collections so this seems like the most sensible ux for this since excluding multi-items from the contextual menu makes it sorta laborious when re-sorting an entire collection and having to sort each version into a collection separately as it is now