Emulators and Bluetooth Gamepad/Keyboard/Mouse support

The ATV black should run emulators like a snes emulator like a charm...

I know the original creator of all the emulator for the iphone is thinking about making a aTV version.

BTStack Keyboard (a Cydia Paid Application) supports using a keyboard in conjunction with the AppleTV, however it's configuration files need to be written by hand over SSH and run "BTdaemon &". It is likely that other services will also work via BTstack, however I have not personally tested these other implementations due to not having a personal need for that functionality at this time.


It wouldn’t be that hard to make a basic iPhone app that would use the button configurations of n64, snes, etc and each button just correspond to a particular keyboard key in order to play the game. One app could have multiple controller configurations and would be fairly easy to make.


I think aTV flash is great but nothing incredible that XBMC can’t do yet.

Please add one emulator, just to disrupt the scene! Make something unique.

+1 I’d love to see some emulation on aTV Black, I’d even pay extra for an emu pkg