Emulator plugins?

Is it possible to get any emulators working on the Apple TV 2? Specifically a SNES one?

Read up here



Those are for the original atv…has anyone put one on the 2gen yet?

I highly doubt these exist. I was about ready to say something along those lines didn’t exist for the first gen until I found that site. It’s a media box, not a game box. It’s not peoples goal.

It is part of the goal with atv though. People are talking about the gaming possibilities of it and apps are already being made to utilize airplayer to make the phone/iPad a controller while playing the game on the tv…chopper 2 is a cheaper one of the apps doing this right now

I guess… I still don’t think you’ll see an emulator for the ATV2. Instead you’re more likely to see an emulator for the iPhone/iPad that can utilize the full screen mirroring over airplay to the ATV2.

That would be awesome…I just figured a remote desktop app would be an easier start to get something out there.