Emulating ATV 1G menu on ATV 2G?



Just got an ATV2 after my first gen ATV died recently. What I liked most about the ATV1 (and dislike about the ATV2) was the menu, particularly the direct access to (unwatched) movies and TV Shows from the iTunes Library on my iMac.
I had hoped I could emulate this on the ATV2. Jailbreaking and installing aTV Flash (black) went fine, but unless I’m missing something I can’t find a way to get to my movies and shows directly…

What I tried:

  • connecting through Computers to my iMac and trying to make a Favorite from Movies and TV Shows - this doesn’t seem to work.
  • connecting through Media to my iMac - this works and I can add Favorites of the folders, but the problem is that every movie and TV Show is in its own subfolder, and also that TV Shows are sorted alphabetically not by episode number.

So, my question: is there a way to add movies and TV Shows to the main menu ilke on the first ATV? Or should I resign to the less user friendly ATV2 method?
To be clear: I don’t mean the standard TV Shows tab for renting / buying, that one doesn’t even show up in the Netherlands (though the Movies tab does) - I want a quick an pleasing way to get to the video content in my iTunes Library