Empty synced tab on iOS

Thanks in advance for any help.

I’m having an issue with inFuse on iPad, nothing is showing under the synced tab. Not sure if this is me not understanding what Synced should mean, could be a IBKAC issue (interface between keyboard and chair).

So far I’ve tried scan for changes and totally removed and re-added my Plex server, including re-installing the inFuse client, no change.

Added to the other issue with downloads with duplication of shows when you download, this is making inFuse very hard to use (I rely on downloaded content as I travel quite a bit).

Thanks for any help, happy to try anything to help troubleshoot the issue:

Here are some screen shots that I hope might help show the issue clearly:

1 - Showing the duplication of downloaded shows & impact to usability

2 - Showing one of the shows that is downloaded, status is synced.

3 - Nothing in the synced tab

4 - Can see the synced files in downloads

5 - Show synced files setting is enabled

inFuse for iOS v7.6.2
iOS 17.1 (iPad Pro M1)

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