Empty MetaData Folder & Change Scraper To IMDB

Hi Guys,

James helpfully solved my issue earlier in regards to Media not showing the correct artwork that had been chosen. It was all down to the pixel size of the image. But since then I’ve run into another problem. In my TV series I have an empty folder called Metadata. When I find all the offending shows folders on my Mac, these folders are no where to be seen for deletion. I’m just wondering how do I go about removing these? Also, is there a way to change the current Media scraper from themoviedb.org to IMDB so that it scrapes information from there, mainly UK film certificates?

Thanks in advance

I’m not sure I entirely understand your question, but it sounds like you’re looking for a way to remove the ‘Metadata’ folder after all the other files have been deleted via the Apple TV?

Also, for right now, TheMovieDB.org is the only option for movie metadata. Sorry.

Hi James,

Thanks for the quick response. I’ve attached a picture below to show you what I mean. When I enter that folder, there are no files actually in there & if I go to corrispoding folder on my Mac, there is no actual folder called metadata.

With regards to IMDB. Is there a way I could manually gather this information say, through an app where Media would read it from an XML file as I know it doesn’t accept NFO’s like XBMC does.

Thanks again



Hmm, that is quite strange. Is this occurring with all your TV Show folders, or just a few?

You can most definitely use XML files to override the automatically downloaded cover art. More details on doing this can be found here.

By the looks of things, it’s in all of them. Though I’ve just created a new folder & it’s not in that one. So maybe it might be worth my while creating new folders for each one, then re-adding all the files to the new folder?

Thanks for the link & I have read that a few times. But I’m more after something that can get the information for me from IMDB & put it into a XML instead of me manually writing each one, I’m just a lazy ass you see  :stuck_out_tongue:

Really appreciate your time & help :)


The ‘metadata’ folders may have a hidden ‘flag’ on the Mac side that would make them invisible. You may try showing all files, as described below, to see if you can get them to appear on the Mac.

Is there something in particular you are hoping to get from the IMDb metadata that isn’t currently being supplied by TheMovieDB?

Thanks James, will give that a go.

All I want is UK film certificates really as it’s currently only getting US ones

This worked perfectly, thanks 

Gotcha. I’ll pass along the suggestion and see if we can add support for non-US ratings in an upcoming version.

That would be amazing if you could?!  :)8)

Thanks again for your help, it’s really appreciated 

Where can I find guidelines on all the possible fileds the xml metadata file in firecore supports so that I can try to create a perl “converter” to import in firecore the metadata gathered by plex?

Confirmed: Country specific ratings will be available in the next update. :)

The currently supported metadata fields can be found here.

Since I am ripping my DVDs and storing them like this:

/video/24/24 - Season 1 - Disc 1/VIDEO_TS/(here all sort of .IFO and .VOB)


is it possible to have an xml file under the /video folder for the entire TV Serie? If I try the example file and put it in /video/24.xml I do not see the metadata on screen.

In your case, you would want to create a file named “24 - Season 1 - Disc 1.xml” and place it inside the ‘24’ folder.

Once the XML file is in place, reload metadata for the ‘24 - Season 1 - Disc 1’ file and the correct info should appear.