Empty folders in Music

Firstly, this app is terrific :slight_smile:

I have one problem. I am attaching to my raspberry pi which has Kodi running using OSMC using Upnp. The video side is working perfectly with all of the videos in my library showing correctly with their metadata and graphics. When I select music it then shows the list to select by (for example album) and then brings up a list of albums, but with no metadata and when I select the folder it reports ‘Empty Folder’ . All the music is in MP3 format.

Help would be appreciated

At the moment only video files are supported.

We have been told that support for music files is on the future roadmap but no ETA has been given as to when such support might arrive.

Many thanks. It would be a great feature, particularly since it would hopefully mean you can download music to play later in the same way as you can with video. I cant find any other IOS App that can easily do that from a upnp source (FileBrowser does from samba bot nowhere near as neat)