Empty folders being shown

After hearing many users recommend NFS as the fastest protocol, I re-did my library using NFS. However, it now shows even the empty folders under my TV Shows folder with no artwork. Is there any way to hide empty folders or have them show their poster artwork? Previously when I used Plex, it wouldn’t show any folders that didn’t have any media in it.


Yes, sort of.

If you browse your movies and shows using Library, you will be able to avoid seeing any empty folders. This will also provide a more consistent experience with artwork and metadata as well.

Thanks James - that’s what i thought. I’ve had to go back to the Plex structure because although using the Library route does fix the issue, it just adds way too many clicks. With Plex, I can just add it as a favourite and it will hide any folders that are empty. If you do ever implement this method, do let me know!

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