Empty Folder Move Along Nothing to see here

I have the latest generation Apple TV and a linksys router/usb plug…I have a 1tb solid state sandisk hardrive plugged into it. Im getting the error “Empty Folder Move Along Nothing to see here” when I try to locate the folders I created on the hardrive. I had it working was able to see the contents of my folder play movies etc. It suddenly stopped. I deleted the folder I created in infuse… reset everything and still can’t get it to work. Please help. thanks in advance…

You have to create a favorite with at least one of the sub directories on the drive if you haven’t already.

What version Apple TV (HD, 4K Gen 2 or 3, ETC) and what version number of Infuse.

What is the model number of the Linksys router?

What protocol are you using to connect to the share with? FTP, SMB, DLNA, etc?