Empty Folder - Move along, nothing to see here.

Hey Everyone,

Am I’m the only one with this problem. Either on the Apple TV or iOS I can use my network shares and out of the blue it just shows the message Empty Folder - Move along, nothing to see here. Obviously the folder is not empty since I was just using it a second ago. I have to close the app and open it again to resume back the browsing of the folder. Now on the Apple TV this doesn’t happen as often, but on iOS its so frequently i can’t even search for a movie to watch. And it seems to me its worse when Infuse its in use either on the Apple TV and iOS at the same time, which it would never happen in the past.

Im using several Hard drives on an Airport Extreme through SMB protocol.

Is this happening to someone else?

Thank you

See this thread:

DiskStation 411j with DiskManager 6.0, ATV4 32GB iOS 9.2.1, Infuse 4.1.,
Since yesterday Infuse iOS (several iPhones, iPads with 9.3.2) and Infuse tvOS can´t open folders on the DIskstation (Message Leerer Ordner - Empty Folder)
With DS File I can connect the Volume / Folders. Access via Safari to the DiskStation is possible too. Changing in Infuse to SMB let me access the NAS, but then Folders und Files looks strange.
Deleting Infuse and new installation without any improvement.

edit: Airport Extreme (actual firmware) as router, ATV connected via ethernet

I’m having the same problem - though it mainly happens on my movie folder (600+ movies in a single folder), it does not happen when accessing my Kids Movie folder (145 movies); problem occurs on both Apple TV and iPad. Closing and Opening the app resolves the problem, but that becomes annoying really quickly. Have checked settings and SMB is enabled, have also tried drive access without password and using Admin username, all to no avail.
Interestingly prior to 4.2 the error message was different, it used to be “cannot connect”, since 4.2 the message is “Empty Folder”, but the result is the same and the only resolve is to continually close the app and re-open.

External HD attached to latest Airport Extreme - all software up to date. Noticed similar issues on other threads in the forum, but no specific answers which solve the problem completely.

Any thoughts except for those already mentioned - SMB, username / password, file set up etc would be welcome (all suggestions mentioned on this / other threads already tried). I’m thinking, if it a problem with the folder size containing the movies, I will have to split alphabetically into smaller folders, but I would rather not do that.

Thanks to all who take the time to read this.