"Empty folder, move along" error with local files


I just installed Infuse 7 and activated the Pro trial today on my MacBook Air M1.

I add the movies folder of a USB-C connected SSD drive but Infuse shows the error “Empty folder” even if the folder is full of MP4 and MKV files.

How can I fix that ?

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If the is on a Mac, it may be that you did not allow access for Infuse to see the folder. on Mac go to settings / security privacy /privacy tab. Files and Folders, look for Infuse (it should have asked you via a prompt.) Infuse should be listed there, make sure you are unlocked and you should be able to click the folder on to allow access

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Thanks for the answer. I just checked and only “other documents” is available for Infuse, when Plex can access to external storage. And there’s no tick box to change that for Infuse.

What format is the drive?

If you do a ‘Get Info’ for one of the files, is the ‘Hide Extension’ box checked?

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Also, when you do a “Get Info” on both the drive and the folder on the drive is the “Shared Folder” box checked?

The SSD is in the Mac OS Extended (Journaled) format. And yes I do hide the extensions on purpose. The shared folder box aren’t checked neither on the drive nor the folders inside.

So I tried to uncheck “hide extension”, now Infuse can find the files :slightly_smiling_face: I just have to uncheck all the movies one by one now ! I’m surprised Infuse can’t find movies with this box checked.

Many thanks for your help !

Thanks for checking that and confirming!

The hidden file extension issue is a quirk in the current version, and something we hope to address in an upcoming release.


I wish you will do it as soon as you can!

Today’s 7.0.5 update adds support for files with hidden extensions.

Thanks for your patience. :slight_smile:

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