Emby Transcode Option

Hi there,

Is it possible to select the streaming playback quality (i.e. transcoding) when playing media in Infuse from an Emby or Plex server? I’ve searched all through the app, and through the forums here, but can’t find any mention of it (besides a post from 2016).

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


It’s still in the ‘planned’ list at Upcoming Features (updated 2/23/21)

I don’t believe transcoding is supported by infuse. If you want transcoding you’ll need to use the official emby app.

The upcoming features says “Versatile transcoding options for Plex/Emby/Jellyfin”, so thought maybe some type of basic option was already available.

All you can do at the moment is select the file from a set of multiple files of varying quality. But infuse has been designed to play back video and audio at the highest quality possible, to the limit of the device. So transcoding has never been high up on the list. Also this would only work if you’re running a server that can transcode it and there are a lot of people that are just doing direct file streaming

Infuse will direct play the file and if needed transcode to supported format themself.

Unless you require transcoding to lower bitrate due to network bandwith, there is no need for transcoding in Emby


Yes, the reason I was asking is because I would prefer to stream lower bitrate transcodes when viewing media over a cellular connection.


In that case, you have to use native emby client on your mobile until transcode feature is available in infuse.

Is transcoding available yet please?

Not at this time. Sorry.

Ok thank you.