Emby sorting questions

I use Emby connect for Infuse 6 and saw that the sorting in Infuse it not the same like i setup in Emby.
It mainly happens by all Title with an articel.

For Example an Emby Entry:

Infuse put the Movie to the letter C, but I like to have it on T. That the reason why I used the sorting name function in Emby. Infuse seems to ignore that.

In Infuse i setup sorting by Title. So in the end, it ignores the article in front of the Movie name.

What can I do to correct that ?

Hello Infuse team :slight_smile:

Any answer ?

Sort by Filename will use ‘The’ and sort them in the order you want here.

Are you browsing the Emby share directly, or via Infuse’s library?

Sort by title should be respected while using the Library.

Thanks for your answers :slight_smile:

I added the Emby Server by using add mediaserver → Emby.
Because I had more then only Movies and TV Shows, I disabled the Libary view ( for example all documentations would be part of the Movie Libary… ) and add my Emby Libarys as Favorit Shortcuts.

no, it would use the Filename and not the sorting name function of Emby or Plex. Could be, that the “the” article will be the right way ( for me ) but anything else would be complete wrong. I like to have movies in the correct order, also if the name is not the original name. Best example would be here the Nightmare on Elm Street collection or the Fast and Furious collection as well.

If you need more examples or details, please let me known.

Ah gotcha. I don’t use Emby so probably not best for me to try and help. But I also don’t like the Library function on Infuse for a few reasons (I do like the Genre, release year… searching though).

Now with that said you should be able to put the franchise title at the beginning of the movie title and Infuse should stack them in the Filename order but show the correct title. For example;

and so on…

and so on…

I think that should work for you. If not then apologies for wasting your time.

That is correct, that should work. But that would also mean, that I have to rename a lot of Movies and Folder. I don´t want to do that :slight_smile:

Emby and Plex, both had the option to add the sorting name and that is more user friedly as renaming everthing.
You know, and next week, there will be again a change from another media player software, and you can start renaming again…
I use Emby, because I have more then one Media Player and more then one Streaming app.

Unfortunately, library view is the only way to utilize the sort by name option in Infuse at this time.