Emby Server vs Native Infuse: Am I missing something?

So I thought to try Emby server from within Infuse for my Apple TVs.

My two main reasons for doing this; Emby Server provides so many more options for customization of movies, posters, collections, naming etc, plus I was finding Infuse’s native solution of syncing watched content/resume points of movies between ATV devices to be really below par.

Emby Server turned out a joy to configure and use; I really enjoy the customization, presentation and UI on the Emby server. The problem is that when accessing my movie library through the Emby share, I am presented with the same UI and info as the native Infuse share. No actor screenshots, no detailed info on the media type, nothing even remotely resembling the wealth of info presented on the Emby server for each movie.

Am I missing something here? Is there something else I need to configure? If not, I don’t see the point of integrating Emby in Infuse; not to mention the considerably slower access times of the emby share (white circle spinning for more than 15-20 secs prior to presenting the first screen of movies), as opposed to the almost instant access of the native Infuse share.

Thank you for your time and answers.

Infuse is limited to what infuse presents.

Here is why I use emby:

  1. Sharing media with friends using remote access (and them sharing with me).
  2. Be able to access you media on non-Apple devices.
  3. Easier editing of metadata through the web interface.
  4. Integration with lighting systems such as philips hue so you can dim lights during playback.

Thanks for your answer, JarvisMeier.

So, I’m not doing anything wrong in the configuration; this is all I can get (presentation-wise) out of Emby’s integration with Infuse, right?

If you want the full Emby experience on ATV, you need to use the native Empby Player App on ATV.

But this player really isn’t as good as Infuse is. In fact the Emby player sucks.

Yeah, I tried it this morning; gorgeous UI but the actual movie watching experience is really bad. The movie takes a lot of time to start playing, issues with FFW/Rewind, enabling or switching subtitles means starting the movie from the beginning. Really horrible… I uninstalled immediately.

I don’t get why the integration can’t be done right though. All we need is for Infuse to use the Emby UI for presentation and take over the playing duties as long as we hit play.

Infuse is not Emby.
Infuse has its own UI concept and design. Its different from Emby though.

Infuse provides the same experience regardless how you link your shares.

Main reason to use Infuse is Emby transcodes almost everything, and can’t play some things as well such as 4k UHD of various types. Infuse direct plays everything.

You can adjust the Infuse UI to some degree. mine looks almost identical to Emby Apple TV player.

I have no problem at all with syncing watched status between Apple TV machines, IOS, Emby, whatever using the Infuse Beta.

My spinning circle when starting up is close to 10 seconds on the non 4k Apple TV, but only 2-3 seconds for 4k Apple TV. That is indeed a little slow. But, direct play is so much better than transcoding and the player does work better in Infuse.