Emby Server Problems

So this Emby server is really a big mystery to me! :pensive:

I have installed Emby on my Synology NAS, but everytime the Server randomly don’t respond…

And in Infuse comes up a Message:
„Indexing from Christian failed“… :rage:

Hey James :wink:

I have installed Emby on my Synology NAS, but the Server don’t respond…

And in Infuse comes up a Message:
„Indexing from Christian failed“…

What I do wrong?

And it tells me I should install an Infuse-Plugin, but I don’t know how?

The plugin is here.

I don’t know how to install it on my Synology :pensive:

And how I can setup Emby correctly to work with Infuse?

Yes! The server is installed, but it says „Indexing failed“ and I can’t install the Infuse plugin…,

I give it up… it’s absolutely not working

I’m on a Synology DiskStation (DS216play)…

But absolutely nothing works…
In Infuse „Indexing failed“ always.
In Emby I can’t select any Metadata anymore, can’t install any Plugin etc…

And I don’t know how to reset it completely to start from Scratch…

You may be better off looking here for basic help.

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Hey James :wink:

Please don’t move this Posting because it’s related to this Beta!

I have now installed successfully Emby on my Synology NAS, but the Server don’t work within Infuse!

Always comes up a Message:
„Indexing from Christian failed“…

But if I use the Emby tvOS App, then it’s working flawlessly! Only Infuse get no Connection without the Indexing Problems!

And I can’t install the Emby Infuse Plugin…
If I try to add a Plugin over Settings > Plug-ins > Catalog, then I can find the Infuse-Plugin. But it’s not working…

So if you go to an earlier version 7.5/7.6 it is working?

When you get Emby working with the release version of Infuse and then have problems with the beta then it’s a beta issue. If you can’t get emby working and you’re not able to install the plugin it’s not an Infuse issue.


Emby is working! But the infuse-Plugin is not working properly…

And with the Emby tvOS App everything work fine!

Once you get there with the infusesync plugin then work on getting the beta to connect.


Can we split this down.

Emby works using the Emby tvOS app? Correct?

You can connect to the Emby Server in Infuse and things do or don’t play? Or you can’t connect at all?

With regards to Infuse Sync. It’s a while since I used Emby but to be honest I would have thought that Infuse Sync would become irrelevant with the server direct mode. (Probably @james would need to confirm this?) Maybe I’m missing something.

Christian I feel responsible for this, as I’m the one who advised you to try Emby in the first place! But I did advise you to wait until Direct Mode is finished and released. I don’t know why you’re wasting your time figuring this out now, when Infuse is going to fundamentally change how it connects to Emby next month!

Direct Mode will make Emby integration simpler and more powerful. Just be patient mate :slight_smile:


The option to use the Infuse Sync plugin with Emby is disabled when you select Direct Mode (library mode off), and I believe the whole point of it is to speed up syncing with the Infuse library, so I’m assuming it’s not going to be needed?

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Ah cool that makes sense. Thanks for the heads up.
I thought direct mode and Infuse sync at the same time made no sense. :joy:

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The Problem is:

I can connect to the Emby-Server but the „Update“-Button on the Infuse-Homescreen always shows a Spinningwheel and after a very long Time there is a Hint at the Information-Page „Indexing failed“ and it says „Please install the Infuse-Plugin“… Playback is working, but I wonder why these error messages come again and again…

About the „Direct Mode“:
I still haven’t understood this properly.

I just want the movies and series to appear normally as Posters on the Homescreen and in the Genre-Folders as before. But what exactly changes this “Direct Mode”? Does the Content then appear differently with this Direct Mode than it was currently the case?

From James’ original post about Direct Mode:

Direct Mode doesn’t change how your content is displayed. It improves the way that Infuse connects to Emby.