Emby server is constantly disconnecting

For some time now, Infuse has been constantly losing connection to my Emby server. Once that happens, I have to forget the server and reconnect with pin. After a day or two, the connection to the Emby server is lost again and it´s necessary (again) to forget about the server and reconnect with pin. Is this a problem with Emby, Infuse or both? Is there anyone else with this problem?

My server is installed on Mac with version

Are any details with the Emby server changing? Are you connecting directly or going through Emby Connect?

What happens in some cases is the server name or IP address of the Mac running Emby can change, and if Infuse is set to use the old address then this may be an issue. A way around this may be to give the Mac a static IP address in your router’s settings.

Also, if you’re able to send in a report if/when this happens again (and post the 5 digit code here) we can look deeper into what may be going on.

I´ll try changing to a static IP address to see if it works. I’ll say something in the next few days.