Emby Metadata Update not working

Since a while Infuse is unable to detect new date from Emby. The initial sync does work, but then no new or changed items are detected by Infuse. I tested it with Apple TV 4K 2021 and iOS.
I also tested it with 2 different Emby Servers (Linux + MacOS) and different Emby Server Versions ( and
There are no errors visible in the Emby Server log.
The Plugin InfuseSync (Version is installed on the Emby Servers.

Can you describe the type of content which is missing in Infuse?

Are you using multiple users in Emby?

Can you see if the same issue is present in 7.1?

After the initial sync with emby no new items from the emby server are found by infuse regardless if it’s a movie or a TV series or episode. It seems infuse does not detect any changes in the emby libraries.
Upgarding to Infuse 7.1 didn’t solve my problem.
I only got one user in Emby.
If I try this with a Plex share everything is working as expected, but I like emby better than plex and would like to use it.

Can you run ‘Scan for Changes’ in Infuse > Settings > Library, let the process finish, and then submit a diagnostic report (and post the code here)?

If you can also list a few titles which were added to Emby that are missing from Infuse, that may be helpful.

I have sent the diagnostic report - the code is BJ7FJ
As an example the following movies have been added to emby and don’t find their way into Infuse:

Arn - Der Kreuzritter
Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw

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I purchased Infuse 3 month ago and since then, I’ve never been able to get it to update on it’s own as I’m forced to delete the Cache every time to get Infuse to update properly. At first it was a nightmare, as I was deleting and re-adding my Emby server, luckily I realized that simply deleting the cache did the same thing.

I’ve tried creating new Emby users, changed the password, re-installed Infuse, nothing helped. And I realized that there is no “connection issue”, since deleting the cache simply forces infuse to read everything again and it succeeds. It simply refuses to get the new content once it’s setup.

I’ve written to support a month ago but never got a reply :frowning:
I’d really like to get this fixed as it makes the experience of using Infuse pretty terrible.

The Diagnostics I had sent back then was: J4Y83

Thanks for the report!

We have a few Emby related improvements on our radar to look into, and hope to have some news on this soon.

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I’ve cancelled my subscription for now.

Will renew if the product actually works, but for now, this product doesn’t work as advertise :expressionless:
It simply doesn’t seem to correctly support Emby …

I think I’ve solved it, by simply removing the InfuseSync pluging for Emby.
It seems this plugin is faulty and was intact preventing it from syncing correctly.

Though I notice that just looking for updates seems longueur than deleting the cache and having it fully refresh… But at least now, I just have to be patient and it will always be automatically updated.

I should note, I also removed a KodiSync plugin at the same time, seeing as I don’t use it anymore.

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If you have a chance, can you send in a quick report from Infuse (and post the code here)?

I had done so 20 days ago… J4Y83
Would you need a new one? With the plugin inactive?

Sure, it wouldn’t hurt. :slight_smile:

Here’s the new code vk4qq.

I can again confirm that it’s still updating fine now without the emby infuse plugin. Yay!

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I can also confirm, that syncing ist working again if I am not using the InfuseSync Plugin. There really seems to be something wrong within this Plugin.

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Thanks! We’re looking into this.

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Having the same problem for months now. Also using the InfuseSync Plugin on Emby server. Will uninstall and report back!

My workaround until now has been to delete the cache or force quit and restart the Infuse App. Both works for me, if that helps.

I wanted to add some feedback after a few days after removing the InfuseSync PlugIn:

By removing the InfuseSync PlugIn from my Emby server, the updates are now working again as expected. New movies are always shown under “Last added” in the Infuse main screen on my Apple TV 4K!

We have number of updates for Emby/Jellyfin (including a resolution for this issue) coming soon in 7.2.2.

Thanks for your patience.

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It seems that 7.2.2 is skipped and Infuse is going directly to 7.3 (announced for November).

This issue will be fixed in version 7.3 according to:

Infuse 7.3 is now available and includes many improvements for Emby/Jellyfin sync.

Be sure to grab the latest update for InfuseSync as well. :slight_smile: