Emby library Sync/showing issue


Currently I Installed Emby 4.8.0 from scratch on a Windows PC. Loaded all my media, and I sync it up with Infuse and curiously after the sync is complete The TV Shows library only shows 5-6 out of 100 shows. For whatever reason, Infuse is not showing all the content in that library.

I tried on multiple Apple TV’s, they both have Infuse, latest version. And with different Emby users, same issue with that library.

I tried with Jellyfin on the same PC and it shows perfectly with Infuse.

Could this be an issue with the Emby Version or some compatibility with Infuse? Anyone else experiencing this?

Do you have the InfuseSync plugin installed on your Emby server?

Are you using the same Emby user on all devices?