Emby Library Scanning

I have been using the Emby integration for a few days. It looks very nice.

I have noticed that whenever Infuse starts, it re-scans all my Emby libraries. This takes about 4 minutes to complete and until it finishes, I cannot see any new programs that have just been added to Emby.

I think I must have setup something incorrectly because I would expect an incremental scan of Emby, not a full scan every time.

Can somebody please point me in the right direction?


We’re working on a number of improvements in this area, and plan to have much quicker updates for Emby and Jellyfin available in an upcoming version.

I’ve also noticed that some of my TV episodes don’t seem to be synchronised with Infuse 6 when using Emby as a source. I added a new episode to Emby but I can’t get it to show up in Infuse for love nor money.

I’ve tried removing the source, re-adding it, and even deleting Infuse and reinstalling it. It just won’t show up.

Unsure what I’m doing wrong. It seems to have missed out a couple hundred episodes.

Edit: After having another look, if I navigate to my Emby share directly via the “Emby” option in my favourites and then drill down via TV Shows to the particular season in question I can see the newly unwatched episode. However if I go via the main “Library” navigation it is not there. I guess something is stopping some items from synchronising?

We have a number of improvements in this area coming soon in the 6.4.6 update.

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