Emby/Jellyfin select version

This feature is badly needed for Jellyfin/Emby backend interoperability with Infuse. I have several versions of select movies in my library and currently have no control over which version is selected as default from my Emby server by Infuse for the Infuse library. Some of these movies versions aren’t even close to the standard movie, but rather cuts that trade between the normal movie and director/crew interviews throughout the entire film. If only one version of a movie is allowed by Infuse, at a minimum the version needs to be able to be selected, but obviously being able to select which version plays each time would be optimal like native Emby or Jellyfin.


+1. please add support for multiple versions of movie


+1. please

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+1 again

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+1 getting more important with the growing number of 4K movies that do not have extended cut on them


I just spent some time this weekend setting up movie versions to follow the Jellyfin naming conventions and get them consolidated into a single entry in the library.

Now I can’t play the UHD version for most of my movies inside Infuse.
EDIT: Well, it seems they might still be playing the UHD version, even if Infuse lists the HD filename as being selected.

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Regarding infuse (whether it is 6pro or 7 the same situation), after connecting to EMBY, it is impossible to distinguish between different versions. Hope it can be resolved.
As shown in the screenshot below, my EMBY has two versions, one is MP4 and the other is the normal version. But helpless infuse can only recognize one version. Hope that later updates can be improved.


What would be even better is if Infuse can supercede version selection from each share, and consolidate media across all shares into a single title selection (ie. exactly 1 movie poster and 1 tv show poster displaying in the library - regardless of the number of shares or file versions)

ie. - theoretical example:

Step 1. Click on Avatar (movie)

Step 1. see versions (in a popup) as follows

Jellyfin 1A (with file information displayed beside each)
Jellyfin 1B (selection in same library - as shown in your post)
Jellyfin 2
Plex 1
Emby 1
Emby 2

Step 3. Click selection to play from the popup

[The above should also be applicable for tv show titles/posters]

In my opinion, this change would essentially make Infuse the only legitimate media solution on the market.


Yes, merge all files from same movie. Press play and choose version you want to watch.


+1 to this feature


I can’t select the version of the content when I play movies or tv shows from Emby server, I only can play the default version.

I moved your post to a currently running thread for the suggestion.

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I came by this Apple TV 4k app http://squireapp.com/ and what i like is, they have an option to select server to play the file.
1). All movies and TV Shows are there together from all servers combine, when you click a file to watch, it ask you from witch server to watch from. It tells you wich server have that file and dislays resolution.
Would you add this option to infuse as well.

+1 please!

Is there any update as to whether this will make it into 7.5 as per @james comment here? Multiple versions of a movie - #197 by james

These will be the threads to monitor for status.

I’m aware of those threads. James has explicitly said he’s hoping to introduce this feature in 7.5, so I’m asking for an update on that statement. Thanks though…

Since it’s not in progress yet and not shown in the threads I referenced I’m guessing it got moved back some.

It has never been referenced on the threads you linked, and yet James has said it will hopefully be included in 7.5. Maybe we’ll see if he can give us an update, instead of guessing :person_shrugging:

So we can now say it’s not included in the 7.5 release so hopefully it will get on the schedule soon :slight_smile: