Emby & Jellyfin multiple versions of a movie

You really don’t need to have the 4K and 1080p in the brackets. Infuse will see those separately. That may help.

Also could you do a screen cap of the directory with the two movie names?

Edit to add it looks like you’re using the wrong brackets and not including the word “edition”. It should be this I believe.

Batman Begins (2005) [tt0372784] 4K - {edition-Remux}.mkv
Batman Begins (2005) [tt0372784] 1080p - {edition-Remux}.mkv

infuse can’t recognize higher quality video in server direct connect mode always shows 1080p,But I’m pretty sure I have the 4k version of the movie on my server, and in infuse the lower quality version is selected by default for playback despite the fact that I’ve selected picture quality priority mode.

Can you double check?

It turns out it was the merge versions Jellyfin plugin that was causing the issue, thank you for the help!

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yes I’ve check it twice

I guess we can forget this feature, it keeps getting pushed back.

It’s still showing as in progress for version 7.8 so hang in there. :wink:

That was the case for 7.7.x for quite a while now. But I understand there are probably more pressing issues.

Hey! When I search for a movie that I have in multiple qualities (1080p, 4K)

It only shows me the 1080p version. Doesn’t matter if I switch off smart grouping. Still only shows one result which is always the lower quality version.

Using direct mode for Emby.

I have to manually enter the 4k folder to find it

It’s a crazy things…
Now 2024 still unsupported multiple versions select after the first suggestion about three years!

I see this feature is coming in 7.7.8, will it be available for direct mode or only in library mode?

I really hope both

Both :slight_smile:

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Testing the Beta on 7.7.8 and it’s working llovely in direct mode


Just updated to the last med beta. I think that the multi version selection was better in the prior beta. We could read the version description as per set in Emby. Now, we only see the resolution and the audio type.

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Support for multiple video versions from Emby and Jellyfin has been added in today’s 7.8 update. :slight_smile:

Wow… you guys are the best! Thank you so much

I agree with this feedback. I have multiple versions of a movie that might include directors cuts, extended editions etc. without that label from Emby I can’t accurately select a version because the bitrate, resolution and audio isn’t enough to differentiate.