Emby & Jellyfin multiple versions of a movie

I’m really interested in this. I join the request. It’s something I need.

Hopefully this will get on the release schedule soon :slight_smile:

Will this be available for both Infuse library mode and direct mode?

Wow, how is this still not a thing?! My guess is the answer is never at this point? Very sad and unfortunate this has been ignored.

It is still planned, but other things are being worked on right now.


This is tricky one as Emby doesn’t support this natively themselves.

There is a plugin that works to put these together that shows the relevant highest quality version so its whether Infuse would support this method


Server Emby connect infuse

Some movies are supposed to have two versions: 4K and 1080

It always turns on 4K
Sometimes I want to choose 1080 because of the slow connection

I set a lower quality option in the settings to no avail

Look at infuse and other applications

Any updates on this?

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seeing as this has been “planned” and this thread is 2.5 years old, I doubt we’re getting this. Unfortunate, as this is a long term dealbreaker for me.

Everything from Emby/Jellyfin was put on hold to work on direct library mode. This has been in progress for the last 6 months and should be done in the next month or two. After that we should start seeing other features moved to in progress.

hello dude!i think many customers need multi -version of Emby!I hope to develop this function as soon as possible.Many customers in China need this function, and everyone has been looking forward to it for a long time.Thank you very much.

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Hello, James, I am eager to add the multi-version selection function of Emby movies to the subsequent versions of infuse.

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Please add the multi-version selection function of Emby movies to the subsequent versions of infuse.


The “movie versions” would be my vote for highest priority. It takes ages for it to scroll across the bitrate, to the resolution, to the file name

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Will this also work for multiple versions of episodes? Jellyfin does support that.

I am unable to search for 4K movies, due to the fact they appear as a multiple version of the 1080p file. 4k movies do not even appear in search.

EDIT: As of the update previous to the latest, they WERE appearing. This change only occurred in the last update.


I am having the opposite issue
I have a 1080 and 4k remux of my movies and inside of infuse it says 4K HDR for both movies. The files are named like

Batman Begins (2005) [tt0372784] - [4K Remux].mkv
Batman Begins (2005) [tt0372784] - [1080p Remux].mkv

My reddit post with the picture