Emby has combined "Next Up" and "Continue Watching" in a single row

Hi, Emby has merged “Continue watching” with “Next Up” in a single row (Beta I report it in case it is of interest and if it should be taken into account in Infuse. In fact, “Next Up” does not return items and “Continue Watching” returns both rows.

Plex is playing around with similar logic, too.


Emby Server 4.6 is just around the corner. The Infuse “Next Up” hub is still empty when we connect to an Emby Server 4.6.

Here I show the current settings of the Emby Server 4.6. The “Next Up” hub should be populated from the “Next Up (Legacy)” hub of the Emby Server.

Merged “Continue Watching” + “Next Up”:

Legacy “Continue Watching” + “Next Up” row:

I am a happy user of Emby and Infuse 7 on Apple TV 4k (gen 1). A few Days ago Emby Server updated to 4.6 and On Deck is no longer populated.

Based on the release notes Emby Server 4.6 Released - Emby Blog - Emby Community is suspect the merger of Next Up and Continue Watching in Emby broke on Deck

Is anyone else seeing this, and is there a work around.


How do we view all of our “Watching” section on tvOS? I have several shows in progress but only see 9 in the Watching/On Deck section. Using Emby.

Code: NMS5A

@James is this even being looked at? This thread started in Dec. 2020 and not one comment from you?

This thread has been tagged as “researching”

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Yes… for 7 months. Thanks though.

This is being looked into.

This thread was tagged as researching on 5/29. :slight_smile: