EMBY Features Require Updates

Hi, developers,

I am using EMBY server to watch MKV, MP4 video through Infuse.
Reference to the topic " After adding a super large Emby media library, Infuse has serious performance problems", similar to my situation that hundred thousand of movies/tv shows are in the libarary.
Following problems should be concerned.

  1. Loading liberary index & data from EMBY server, there is a limitation for 200 items one time pull from infuse. It is not friendly for huge EMBY libarary. For example, if there are 200,000 items, it costs 200,000/200=2000s=33mimutes minimum.
  2. Incremental index updating for the libarary. Usually we are updating our EMBY libarary to upload new movies, eventhough InfuseSync is installed, it costs longer time to update the index, and sometimes, I have to reload the full index for the Libarary, which means i need more than 1 hour to wait updating.
  3. Local homescreen index establishment. once we loaded all index from EMBY server to our Phone/Pad, it cost a long time to build us local index, for example, homescreen will keep waiting for index ready and be circling.

I understand for the feature of Infuse by using EMBY server are different than other application because we are loading and making new index locally. But we hope you can find a solution to impove the experience.

Hoping you can solve above mentioned problems in version of 7.2.2.

Thanks & best regards,

Infuse lifetime user.



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