Emby connection, many shows showing TBA as episode name

When entering Infuse via the new Emby connection feature, where Infuse was in the background, Infuse is taking a very long time to populate what it calls “next up” on the library status screen. Up to 20 seconds at times. When it is done, sometimes, new episodes show up under the section labelled “Unwatched TV shows”, these for me are DVR recordings. When I click on that to see them, it shows a title below the image of TBA. But TBA is not the Emby title. Both Emby app, Emby web browser, etc show the actual title. Not sure why the TBA. After some time passes, maybe I watch a show, I can come back and see the actual title, so it eventually fixes itself. Not a massive deal, but, a slight problem. So, my current issues I am having in the live version:

  1. TBA for the episode title at times, and not necessarily the newest episodes, Shark Tank tonight showed TBA for 3 episodes for a while
  2. Very very slow library updating
  3. Sometimes, the library refresh takes a long time, but finds nothing new. If I go into Emby app or website, immediately comes up and shows the new stuff. Thus far, if I manually click the refresh icon in the top right, it will then populate.

Sorry for trouble.

If you see either of these issues appear again, would you mind sending in a quick diagnostic report so we can look into what’s going on here?

Diagnostic code: S7HB7

So, Shark Tank (at a minimum, all 3 episodes) shows TBA as the episode title. Doesn’t happen all the time.

We’ll take a look. Thanks.