Emby and jellyfin

Hi, can someone explain to me what the benefit of running a Emby of Jellyfin server would be. We already have a fairly smooth interface with Infuse and a share of files on a NAS. I feel like I’m missing something…

If you have Infuse already set up and working well, there won’t be much benefit to switching to Emby or Jellyfin.

However, if you were already using one of these, this new update allows Infuse to easily connect to them, which avoids having to fiddle with new connections.

Additionally, these servers allow you to have a centralized database if you were streaming to devices other than iOS and Apple TV, which some people like to have.

Here is a summary someone mentioned from another thread explaining their thoughts on the three. I think a big draw for people is that you can access your library outside of your home relatively easily:

Thanks to you both for the information. Much appreciated.

For many of us Emby folks, an understated benefit in many cases is having a single source of metadata. When you use a NAS, you have Infuse picking the metadata. But Emby has it’s own metadata, and they don’t always match. It’s easy to correct or make it say what you want in Emby, and even lock it from changing, adding your own pictures, etc. For this reason, it was worth it to me to convert from using a fileshare to Emby connection.

It also means if I watch in Infuse, it’s watched in Emby. If I watch in Emby, it’s watched in Infuse. Kind of nice. If you have multiple devices (say some Rokus, etc) this is nice as data is all consistent.

James is underselling the advantages, lol.

Although Emby isn’t needed for this as you can just use trakt.

You can use trakt, as long as it’s not Emby trakt and supported on all your clients. If you use Emby trakt, there are problems at times, double reporting, etc. Also, you can’t then rate the movies and get it into trakt, which is a requirement for me. Using Infuse trakt, things work much better.