Embedding Metadata for large libraries

I have a large cloud connected library with over 40k videos. Naturally indexing takes a while. Would indexing be faster if the metadata was embedded? Would that be less or more demanding on the cloud storage provider?

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Nope, it takes longer for Infuse to scan each individual file when you have embedded metadata turned on. That would also increase the traffic to the cloud server.

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@NC_Bullseye thank you. Do you have any tips that would speed up indexing & staying up-to-date on new content with a 40k library?

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hello, I have the same problem with dropbox indexing is long, infuse work on a way to speed up the process?

If you have the same problem turning off the embedded metadata will help speed things up.

I seem to get faster updates a couple of days after the first full sync of a device. It may take 3 or 4 syncs to get everything set up. See what it does in a week or so.

what is the difference between integrated and no-integrated?

Ok, I understood, but isn’t there a way to significantly reduce dropbox indexing?

So far my experience has been that if I let Jellyfin do the indexing on my seedbox, it is much faster for all my devices to grab all the changes. I assume that with 50k+ items in the library it is too much to directly index on the AppleTV, 3 iPads, 2 iPhones, 2 Mac :slight_smile:

hello, why is there never a response from technical support when we ask if there is a way to speed up indexing from an icloud, we are more and more using this process, but there is no never a solution, is it uninteresting for infuse?

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