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  1. When it comes to using local metadata, can anyone explain the pros/cons of using using an XML file vs embedding…? By embedding I am referring to saving Title/Year/Description/etc. inside of the actual video file. Is one of these faster or slower?

  2. How does embedding artwork inside of video file affect Infuse? Will this embedded image always be used for poster (when local metadata is ON) — even if you have included a folder.jpg image??

Embedded will make all of your scans slower since it will have to load every file instead of just looking at the headers. This can be a problem for cloud based options such as google drive.

Good to know, a lot of my MP4s come with data embedded, so I may try to go through and strip some of it eventually.

I feel like my metadata size in Infuse is quite high… It says 1.7 GB Metadata on Infuse for iOS. That is for 1000+ Movies, ~1400 TV Episodes. I have Meta Fetching & Embedded both on, but I sometimes include local jpg artwork, especially for Seies.

Don’t forget that the metadata size you’re seeing is for both the textual as well as the graphics. That’s not too bad for the numbers you have.

Many users do not use the embedded metadata and turn that option off since it’s often an advertisement for the cappers. Between what you place in the same directory and what Infuse grabs from the sources it uses most users find that fits all of their needs.

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Good to know!

Also, you just made something click for me… I always thought Infuse treated metadata embedded (inside of videos) and local jpegs + xml files all as one single thing. I now realize that embedded metadata is toggled On/Off on a global level (via Settings), and Local Metadata only gets toggled on a case-by-case instance.

I suppose the different names should’ve been a give away :man_facepalming:

This seems a little high to me. I have 500 movies and 1100 episodes for 650MB.

I don’t use embedded for anything though

Perhaps it is because a good 300-400 of my movies are iTunes purchases that I ripped a while back and they came fully embedded with all metadata (including a 1000x1500 poster)…?

I’m at 3.3GB for 1000+ movies and 17K+ TV episodes so it may be a bit high but for now I wouldn’t sweat it. :wink:

Edit to add: I have embedded turned off too.

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