Embedded subtitles out of sync, how to fix it?

Hi, I am newbie to Infuse (for now paying in a monthly plan because I am testing but if everything goes fine I will switch to a lifetime) and so far I am loving it. I have a Plex Server with a few movies and those are 4K UHD. Subtitles are embedded. For some reason the subtitles load properly but they have a slightly offset. I tried the same movie on the PC using Media Player Classic and the same embedded subtitles just play fine without offset.

Am I missing any extra configuration? What can be wrong here?

Thanks in advance

Welcome to the forum!

Infuse doesn’t currently have an option to adjust embedded subs, as these are generally synced perfectly with the video already. However, if you are seeing an issue with subtitle sync that isn’t present in other players then we’d love to look further into what may be going on.

If you have a chance, would you be able to send in one of the problematic videos so what we can review it here?

PS - You may also try installing today’s 5.9 update to see if that makes any difference for you.