Embedded subtitles not displayed

MP4 with embedded subtitles show up just fine when using QUICKTIME for playback. The same file played via INFUSE 7, subtitles are not displayed.

Selected “subtitles/english”, tried subtitles off/on, reinstalled INFUSE, nothing works.

INFUSE should be able to use the same embedded subtitles as QUICKTIME.

Any suggestions?

Can you run this video through mediainfo and post the results here?

Also what device and what version of Infuse.

MediaInfo.txt (32.6 KB)

INFUSE 7 installed n an Apple TV 4K

screen shot using quicktime with subtitles

Are you using the pull down menu when playing the video in Infuse and selecting a subtitle file?

INFUSE 7.2.1 … yes swipe down subtitles

And no subtitles appear with this check? What about if you select the second “English” still not working?

I know on some movies for me it takes several seconds to have the subs start appearing so you may want to give it a minute to see.

Maybe @james will have some ideas of what else to try if the second one doesn’t work.

I’ve tried both english items, nothing … selected a few other languages and some of them show.

Via QUICKTIME, they all seem to work just fine.

Which ones work in Infuse? That may be a clue.

I’ll need to queue up the movie again and try a few. Will update a bit later. thanks

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in the subtitle screen shot … starting with the 2nd Spanish, the subtitles seem to play . Tried quite a few but not all .

If you scroll down through the different languages in the subtitles is there another “English” at the very bottom of the list and if so, does it play?

There was another English last just before “Get more”. Selected that one and subtitles appeared in something other than English. Chinese possibly

Gotta be a bug … Quicktime has no issues without the subtitles. Infuse on the iPhone, on the Apple TV have problems with the subtitles which mostly seem to be English defaulted.

I’ll need to look for alternate solutions or go back to using Quicktime on the MacBook and cast it to the Apple TV with subtitles for others in the household.

Do you see the same number of and order of subtitles available in quicktime as you do in Infuse?

Screen shot … appears to be the same list, same order.

wait a second … the INFUSE list appears to be the Audio/Subtitle combined, mashed together. That ain’t right.