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Need help with how infuse 6 for apple TV 4k uses embedded metadata. I use subler to embed metadata (Info and art) in all my Movies and TV Shows. I also classify each as a Movie, TV Show or Home Movie in the metadata

When I turn off (in Settings) Fetch Metadata and turn On Embedded Metadata in Infuse 6, Library, Movies, TV Shows are empty. However, My Favorites (which i have called Movies & TV Shows) all the files appear in these folders (very disorganized for the TV Shows). I have experimented with the different settings and have verified my files for metadata issues. I have searched for hours on how this works and its very unclear to me.

What does Infuse 6 get from the files Embedded Metadata or what does it use to determine if its a Movie or TV Show?

In order to use Infuse’s library features you will need to keep the Metadata Fetching option enabled.

However, this can be used in conjunction with the Embedded Metadata setting. In the case where both are enabled, Infuse would look for embedded metadata first and then use info from the online sources to fill in any missing gaps.

One note. Reading embedded metadata generally takes longer than fetching it from the online databases, so we usually recommend keeping this disabled unless you have a specific desire to use your own metadata over other sources.

What embedded information does Infuse fetch first?

I have TV shows that are in folders that are being handle differently. I currently have Fetch and embedded on in settings.

All my TV shows are in folders by show name. However Three of my TV shows show up in “Others”.

For TV shows, you’ll want to check and ensure you’re using one of the recommended file naming styles described here.

Thanks but all my TV show files are named in the same correct style. Not sure why the fetch method is prefer over embedded, I have seen this request in many places in the forums, however I have done it both ways and it is not faster. The reason for using my own Metadata is because I don’t like a lot of the metadata that is fetched (especially for older movies).

What I have learned is that even with embedded metadata turned off, Infuse is still using some embedded data. I can confirm this because in see some of my custom movie poster art, even after purging infuse database.

I am interested in what embedded file information Infuse uses, so i can get it to work for me better

Infuse is able to pull in things like title, description, poster artwork, and a few other things.

If Infuse is unable to find a match for a particular file in one of the online databases, it will fallback to using the embedded info - even if the setting is disabled.

Thanks again, but that option is confusing. Sounds like you can turn it off, but infuse will do it anyway when it thinks it needs too. I think that may be part of my problem.

I go to Library, TV Shows, All TV Shows and get a list of my tv shows. One of them is a folder with no picture and is mismatched with the wrong name. I long hold the AppleTV remote to bring up edit metadata and of course there is no match. How do I stop it from matching?

Can you provide a few examples of how you have these episodes named, and how they are organized in folders?

Here is a screen shot

Are these all showing the embedded images in Infuse, or just a few?

Can you also post a pic of what you are seeing?


Please see attached. The Pilates is not correctly matched. There is no match in the list, and I can not figure out how to change it. Also How do you select a picture instead of a folder on this screen.


Is this the ‘Pilates’ series you have?


It doesn’t look like there are any images for that series, so Infuse won’t be able to fetch anything to display.

However, you can add your own artwork for series, seasons, and episodes. More info on the options for doing this can be found in the metadata.

Hey James, just to make sure I understand this, so even if you have your files completely tagged, Media Kind set to Movie or TV Show, the TV Shows having a series name, episode name, season number and episode number, none of that information is used to sort your files into the Library, only online metadata is used?

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