Embedded metadata


I use Subler app to embed metadata and artwork to movie. But Infuse not using them. How to use embedded metadata?


To use your own metadata, you can enable the ‘Embedded Metadata’ option found in the Infuse > Settings menu.

I enabled it, but not working. itunes can show that metadata.

Infuse’s rules of “Fetching Metadata vs Embedded Metadata” have always confused me a bit, but as far as I understand, you need to check only one of them off under your settings… If you select Fetching & Embedded, Infuse will automatically choose to fetch the metadata online. So if you leave both checked on, Infuse will fetch metadata for all files, except for the ones you manually set to local (“use embedded metadata”).

At least thats how I’ve come to understand it. Someone please correct me if I am wrong…

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