Embedded Metadata (What is specifically used?)

Hey, I’m new to Infuse and I’m trying to understand why my media has almost no metadata when I add to the application. I’ve turned off online fetch for now (it marks every TV episode as a movie) and have it set to use Embedded Metadata only.

From what I can gather it only collects a portion of the embedded metadata. Title, Description, Genre, and Artwork. I use Subler to apply metadata to all my files. Each file also contains Media Kind (specifying Movie or TV Show), Release Date, Ratings, Cast, Director, Studio, etc. TV Shows also contain TV Show, TV Season, TV Episode, TV Network, etc.

The structure for my files is relatively simple.

Movies / Name.mp4
TV Shows / TV Show / Season / Episode - Name.mp4

If I browse favourite folders for my TV Series everything is organized properly. The issues are mostly regarding how it interacts with the default Movie and TV Show groupings. Everything is classified as “Other”. Note: This problem also exists when I use online fetch for metadata. Everything is under “Other” and Movies and TV Shows are both empty.

TL;DR: Does Infuse read all embedded metadata or only a handful of items. If only select items, why? I’ve reached out to Infuse support but no one has responded. Hopefully someone on here can help me figure this out. Love the app but unusable without proper metadata.

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Sorry I can’t answer exactly what embedded items Infuse uses but I am curious as to why you wouldn’t use one of the biggest features Infuse offers with the ability to fetch metadata and present it in a great format. Yes, it does miss occasionally but usually it’s a quick fix with the file name to correct it.

If you follow the recommended file naming formats in the users guide here Metadata 101 – Firecore Infuse does all of the heavy lifting for metadata.

Mostly for consistency. I’ve already added extensive metadata to all my files, roughly 15K between Movies and TV Episodes. When I used the native fetch feature it mislabelled a ton of content for me. Some movies, but mostly TV Episodes. I suspect this is likely due to the filenames. My folder/file structure is that shown above. I’m sure it’d be more accurate if it was “TV Show - Season - Episode - Name.mp4” but this would require manually updating the filenames for thousands of files.

Currently I’m contemplating writing a script to export metadata for each into an .xml file but that again would need to be done for every single file, which can be quite time consuming and ultimately lead to messy folders.

On that note, is there a guide or example regarding all the acceptable metadata and required format that Infuse can use?

There’s a sample xml file in the link I provided that may help.

I saw that, but I was more curious how to write one for TV Shows. This is where the majority of my issues are.

The embedded and XML/NFO options work well for things like movies and home videos, but they are a bit limited for TV shows right now.

For TV shows, you will want to keep the Metadata Fetching option enabled. This will allow Infuse to organize things correctly, add matching artwork and metadata.

However, I understand this may not be ideal for every situation, and we’d love to understand the issues you were running into with matching. If you can provide a bit more info maybe we can provide a bit of insight, or work to get a bug fixed.

Perhaps XML support could be expanded to allow more detail for TV Shows? I mean Infuse is storing the fetched data somehow. Couldn’t that be translated over to allow local XML to reference the same fields that the fetched data is storing its metadata?

As for my situation with TV Shows. They’re all being labelled as Movies when I use automatic fetch. The metadata is wrong because it’s attempting to find a comparable movie based on the episode title. I assume it would work correctly if it understood it was a TV Show and what the show name was. My assumption is it’s messing up because my file format doesn’t contain the full show name and season in the file name. Instead I rely on proper folder structure to organize my shows. TV Show > TV Season > TV Episode # - TV Episode Name.mp4. Seems that Infuse doesn’t factor in the path to the file, only the file name itself. One specific show it has a problem with is Westworld. Marking many episodes as the Westworld movie.

If I browse via favourited folders everything is clean. They are still labelled movies but they are at least organized properly by show and then seasons.

Thanks for the info!

Infuse does support folder based naming for a few naming styles (Metadata 101 – Firecore) but these currently require the season and episode number to be in the filename.

We’ve had a few requests to support this iTunes style of TV show naming, and is something we’re planning to investigate for a future update.

This is exactly where I’m coming from (and likely many other users). I’ve relied on iTunes and Home Sharing for many years but it seems Apple doesn’t care about this method anymore. Trying to find a superior solution and that led me to Infuse. All my files are tagged and organized correctly in iTunes but I’m struggling to get it to work in Infuse. I’d be happy to beta test any versions that have better support for this structure. My recommendation would be to copy the video path and break it down into a format readable for Infuse. e.g. Westworld / Season 1 / Episode 1 - The Original.mp4 = Westworld - Season 1 - Episode 1 - The Original.mp4. Simply combining the full path upwards from the filename and swap out the directory with a dash. Should mimic the filename format Infuse prefers.

Today’s 6.0.7 update includes support for iTunes-style TV show names.

A bit more info on the supported options can be found here.

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