Embedded Metadata only used if Metadata Fetching is Disabled?


I have several movie M4V files for which the "Metadata Fetching" feature does not download the proper Metadata for automatically. As such, I have been trying to use automatic metadata embedding software like MetaX and MetaZ to embed the proper metadata into these M4V files. When "Metadata Fetching" is "Enabled" in Media Player, however, while the cover art that has been embedded into these files shows correctly, Media Player still winds up downloading the incorrect metadata from the internet for these files--it does not display the metadata that is embedded within these files. The only way to get Media Player to display the embedded metadata is to set "Metadata Fetching" to "Disabled". Then, of course, the rest of the M4V files which don't have embedded metadata don't show any metadata at all.

Is this the correct expected behavior? If not, what could I be doing wrong?

I know that I can use "Reload All Metadata" to correct issues like these but I have (3) Apple TVs.  So, I really would like to avoid doing this manual step on each Apple TV each time I install a new version of Seas0nPass.

I am using aTV Flash 1.7 with Apple TV version 5.0.2.