embedded meatadata "Does Not Work"

I am a new InFuse user and been looking at the App since Apple in their great wisdom will not allow h265 content to be played by Home Sharing (THANKS TIM).

InFuse is a very promising solution in streaming h265 content to my Apple TV 4K but embedded metadata simply does not work the way it should. Am I missing something?

If I use the option for “embedded metadata” all movies are under “OTHER” so I can’t organise by Genre which I find most useful. So technically they are not movies, just “Home Videos”. The description and artwork are there but noting else, which is my opinion does not cut it. Home Sharing and Plex have this fully featured so I really want a know why this has not been fully implemented in InFuse.

The reason I don’t want to use “metadata fetching” is because I have made “Genre” changes to some movies, especially for my kids so they know where to find their movies and keep out of other categories.

If there is a work around, any tips would be appreciated.

Cheers, Paul

Not an answer, but you might get a better response by posting the mediainfo/description/artwork information on one of the files to show the embedded metadata so maybe James or someone else could help out better.

here is a couple of screenshots:
metadata_fetching.jpg - This is the metadata inFuse downloads from IMDB or other source.
embedded_metadata.jpg - The embedded metadata from the file, NOTE the title of the movie appears to be from the file name.
ios_movies_metadata.jpg - The embedded metadata for the movie from the iOS Movies App.
metadata_fetching_genre.jpg - The Movie Genres are shown when metadata fetching is used.
embeded_metadata_genre.jpg - No Genres are displayed when embedded metadata is used.
metadata_fetching_library.jpg - All files recognised as “Movies” for metadata fetching.
embeded_metadata_library.jpg - All files grouped under “Other” for embeded metadata.

Same result on the Apple TV, but it was easier to do screenshots on the phone!

Hope all this makes sense…

Infuse has somewhat limited support for embedded metadata, though this is an area we may look to improve in the future.

One approach you may try is to have both Embedded Metadata and Metadata Fetching options enabled. In this scenario, Infuse would look first inside your videos for embedded info and then use the online sources to fill in any missing gaps. This would also allow you to use the Library and Genres feature.

There is also the option of adding an external XML file to override metadata for a particular file. More info on this can be found here.

Limited is a bit of an understatement. The lack of decent support for embedded metadata has always kept me from liking an otherwise great product.

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