Embedded .ass subtitle out of sync

Hello, I’ve been experiencing an issue with .ass subtitles since the release of infuse 7.
I was hoping this would be solved with the subtitle rendering improvements in 7.2.1, but while the behavior is a little different, there are still issues.

Prior to 7.2.1, .ass subtitles were always a frame or so off. In most situations this isn’t noticeable, but when it comes to things like animated signs it can make for an extremely distracting experience.

In both 7.2.1 and 7.2.2 the subs now seem to be a frame or so early rather than late.

I’ve tested a lot of different files, none of them have this issue in either the AppleTV Plex app or in any players I have tried on PC. I can replicate this issue on Infuse on both my AppleTV and my Iphone 13. I have tried both auto and legacy for caching.

If there’s any other info I could give or anything I could do to fix this, it would be great. It’s the only thing stopping me from using Infuse exclusively. I could also send a sample file for testing if needed.

Diagnostics code if needed: S54QY


Have you tried using the subtitle offset, for me it is so much more responsive and effective with adjusting the timing than with Plex.

Thank you for the recommendation, but (and correct me if I’m wrong) I am pretty sure that feature does not work for embedded subtitles.

Wow, are these PGS subtitles burned into the disc?

Do you have some .ass subs you can share, i would like to also test this to see if its similar to the delay in frame with subs issue

I don’t want to break any rules, so tomorrow I am planning on throwing something together on a public domain video and I think I should be able to post that here? Otherwise, these subs are very commonly found in Anime.

thanks for the tip, found a film and tried in infuse and mrmc and it seemed the same. i then tested an srt file for the same film and it was delayed, but that could be the sub itself and it would be easy to offset it with subtitle edit.

there are certainly some issues with subs, and im wondering how much of it is with latest appletv and tvos, and then infuse.

Use the + offset if the subtitles are ahead of the dialog. That was my issue first, I was using the - offset to adjust.