Embed dolby metadata as Dolby MAT PCM

I am aware that Apple TV cannot pass-through Dolby or DTS audio and Infuse converts them to PCM. However it seems Infuse does not embed any metadata in PCM audio as MAT.

One of the most useful metadata in Dolby audio is (all DD, DD+ or Dolby True HD) dynamic range compression metadata. All modern AVRs supports dolby dynamic range compression information (under different terminology such as dynamic-range-compression, night-mode or auto-volume-limiter). I think AVRs with Dolby Atmos support, also support these metadata in PCM audio via Dolby MAT.

The same movie (mkv with Dolby True HD audio) played via Nvidia Shield sounds much nicer (specially at lower volumes) than Infuse/Apple TV 4k. I think Infuse does not embed any metadata in PCM audio. Someone has more info or thoughts regarding this?

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We’ve had this discussion for a very long time and you will find many many posts about this very problem.

We even signed a petition for Apple to allow passthru as they did before TVOS 12 was released years ago.

In fact, to sum it up : it worked a long long time ago but Apple decided not to allow passthru and we’ve been stuck since then.

I also have an nVidia Shield that i bought just to ba able to paly TrueHD local file from a NAS using Plew but i’d much rather use Infuse Pro which is a much nicer and friendlier app on my AppleTV

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The AppleTV does not really support Dolby MAT.