embarrassingly noob Q - how to connect via ethernet?

So all the instructions I see say that in order to have the best qualtiy experience I must use an ethernet cable. Only problem is I cant get it to work, sad I know. :$


Wifi will connect, but when I plug in the ethernet cable, and choose automatic settings…nothing


I’ve tried manual, but I’m not sure if they are even the right settings that I’m putting in.


Is there a step by step on how to do this? btw i am positive this cable works as I just took it out of my BluRay player.


Thanks in advance

Have you tried ‘forget this network’ option for the WiFi connection, so that the ATV is forced to connect via ethernet?

Yea i tried that, a different cable, nothing. It just doesnt see it unless I’m on wifi

Bad network cable?

I had the same issue.  When I added a wifi receiver, I bought a small 4 port switch to have several port off the single run from my router.  Decided to try Apple ethernet off the switch and it worked.  I can’t explain why but rather direct off your router, run your connection through a switch and see if it works for you.  I used a Netgear FS105.