"EM dash" in subtitle not displaying properly

On Apple TV, using latest OS and infuse versions.

When playing a video with external subtitle, the “em dash” is not shown as a proper dash but rather a question mark inside a box.

Are you talking about in the actual file name or are you talking about in the subtitles?

If it’s in the subtitles that you’re seeing this it may be an unrecognized font or one not available on the ATV. Have you tried downloading from a different source and seeing if that helps?

It’s in the subtitle. Here is the “em dash”: —
If you google it, it’s supposed to be a common punctuation in English language.

Tested some more and found that this only happens when the subtitle is external and the encoding is set to “auto”. Switching the encoding to “UTF-8” seems to resolve the issue.

Similar to my other post, this is another instance of external subtitle behaving differently, except in this case, external subtitle is bugged.