el gato ( eyetv )

hi to every one i`ve been trying to add eye tv to the new atv flash v3 take 2
but i run into a stupid problem

i added the eye301.dmg to the applications folder
and access the atv via ssh
[color=#BF0000]ssh -1 frontrow@AppleTV.local[/color]
the i mount the dmg with
[color=#400000]sudo hdiutil mount eyetv301.dmg[/color]
and also mounts the atv to be writeable with
[color=#800000]sudo mount -uw /[/color]
and the i try to copy the eyetv app to the applications folder
[color=#800000]cp -r /Volumes/EyeTV 3.0.1 1/EyeTV.app /Users/frontrow/Applications/[/code]
but i get a msg saying
[color=#800000]-bash-2.05b$ cp -r /Volumes/EyeTV 3.0.1 1/Eyetv.app /Users/frontrow/Applications/
cp: 1/Eyetv.app: No such file or directory
cp: 3.0.1: No such file or directory
cp: /Volumes/EyeTV: No such file or directory

i just dont know what i am doing wrong is there another way doing this i cant figure out the Scripts as i don`t k now where to find the plist file ans sh to install with scripts
can somebody help me pleaseeeee

I suppose that by now, someone will have answered but just in case…

In Unix (yes Mac OS is a variant of Unix), spaces are not supported in paths or file names. You have to provide an escape clause that forces the next character typed to be accepted for what it is.

When you issued your cp command, cp -r /Volumes/EyeTV 3.0.1 1/Eyetv.app /Users/frontrow/Applications/
it was interpreted as copying /Volumes/EyeTV and 3.0.1 and 1/Eyetv.app to the location /Users/frontrow/Applications/

None of the 3 source items existed so you got the errors you got…

The correct way of typing the command is cp -r /Volumes/EyeTV\ 3.0.1\ 1/Eyetv.app /Users/frontrow/Applications/

The ‘’ forces the next space to be accepted as a space within the string and not as a separator.

I hope this belated answer helps…