EIA 608/708 subtitles

I record TV shows off my HD Homerun as the raw MPEG2 streams. These streams contain an embedded EIA 608 closed caption stream. It appears only VLC can see them as neither Infuse nor Plex show anything about them. I’ve run ccextractor on the files and an SRT does appear, but only Plex winds up seeing that (same name, same dir).

So, first: can we expect EIA 608 support from Infuse for MPEG2 streams? Should it work?

Second: why might it ignore the SRT file alongside the movie? (eg. ABCD 10.1 A Show.mpeg & ABCD 10.1 A Show.srt)


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Support for a few EIA variants (608, 708) is on our list to add in an upcoming version. We don’t have a hard ETA just yet, but it’s something we hope to get to after the release of Infuse 6.0, which is currently in progress.

With regard to external SRT subtitles. What type of device are you streaming from? If you happen to be connecting via UPnP or DLNA, then unfortunately Infuse won’t be able to access external subs. If you are able to connect via SMB of NFS, then they should be available.

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I’m interested in this too, and if there’s further info on support. As it was, I tried playing an episode of Killing Eve, with same observations - VLC can ready the closed caption track, but neither Plex or Infuse register that it even exists.


I record Live TV through Channels DVR. They record off a HDHomeRun and they have cc embedded in the file. I play it back through VLC and it shows the CC subtitle tracks but when I try and playback through Infuse it doesn’t show a subtitle track. I use Infuse when I travel. I throw some shows on a SSD and play them back on my iPad Air and it works perfectly but can’t seem to see the CC subtitle track on there? Any ideas?


I did a search for EIA-608 when I guess I should have left the dash out and I didn’t see this thread. Anyway, James moved your post here is a currently running thread requesting this feature so don’t forget to “like” the first post. :+1:

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I added my own like because as an inclusive and necessary accessibility feature, closed captions should definitely be supported for those who depend on them.

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+1 for this!

Waited for years… Doesn’t look like it is going to happen? Disappointing. I’ll keep using MrMC which supports it just fine.

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It been 4 years since this post was posted and @james you said hopefully to get it in the release of Infuse 6.0 and now we are on 7.0 going onto 8.0. Is there a realistic ETA on this being added?

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Currently this thread isn’t tagged and the feature isn’t on the pending updates list … so presumably there isn’t an ETA as such.

First poster mentioned having success with the software CCExtractor — have you had any luck with that in the meantime?

Yeah I have it’s just another step to do and I only use Infuse for when I travel and it’s just annoying that it’s not supported at this point.

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I’m able to work around this by using FFᴍᴘᴇɢ:

ffmpeg -i VIDEOWITHEIA608SUBS.mp4 -c:s srt -map 0:s:0 SUBS.srt

then using a text editor to manually remove the formatting gunk like {\an7} and <font></font> and \h, but that’s really really annoying to have to keep doing manually. :frowning:

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Yes please add support for this!