Eero, DDNS, MacOS, and no NAS

So here’s what I’ve got for all you geniuses out there today.

  • 3x Eero 6 Pro routers (hardwired)
  • Purchased Eero Secure + that includes a DDNS
  • Running Mac OS 12 on a 2018 Intel Mac Mini with external drives
  • External drives are being shared via SMB
  • A guy that knows just enough to be smarter than the average person but not as smart as 95% of the people on here with a NAS setup.

Now, everything runs beautifully in the house. I can stream 4K content from Infuse no problems. I’d like to start streaming outside of the home occasionally. I had/have a Plex Pass but switched to Infuse because of all the reasons we know and love. I’d like to keep everything in Infuse. I read this article several times. I picked up a DDNS through Eero thinking I could combine one or two other services I already use. Got is set up SUPER easily thought the app. Set up a port forward and reserved an IP for the Mac using their instructions. I could see my Mac using the IP AND THAT’S about as far as I could get. I tried a bunch of things in Infuse to get that going and nothing seemed to work.

*What do I select in “Add Library” to get this to work outside my house?
*Is it possible to just have the one library work both inside and outside the home?
*Will this be just as fast as my current setup

The tutorial states “Remote connections must be setup manually in Infuse, using the ‘Other…’ option in the Available Shares menu.” but I have no ‘other’ option listed there. Anyone else successful doing this with a similar set up as mine?

So you exposed SMB port to the internet? I personally think that’s a bad choice (if I am reading you correctly). SMB has been successfully attacked before and more than once or twice. It would be preferable most likely to use a VPN instead to get into your Lan. Whether or not it will perform good enough, you’d have to try it. it is quite possible depending on how you set up Infuse on your Lan, that you won’t have to add any shares in Infuse when using a VPN.

There used to be an other, I don’t see one now. But it does on the add share screen on IOS show Add SMB, add FTP, etc.

Still, I’d suggest not exposing SMB.

How is my SMB exposed? I have everything set up in the app but nothing ‘connected’ yet to the outside world. What is the best way to run this internally then? Externally?

If you are going to access it remotely and you are using SMB as you said, you’ll need to expose the SMB port on your MAC to the internet in order to connect. If you use FTP, you have to expose the FTp port, etc.

Or, you can simply connect via VPN and use whatever you use locally to run Infuse.

Thanks for the info. I’ll run with the VPN then. Are there any currently working instructions on here that explain how to set that up? I’m searching and can’t find anything official.

I’m not aware of any here, it’s not really an Infuse question. Easiest way by far is to use your router, if it’s a VPN router. The Mac can function as a VPN potentially also. I am sure there are guides to Mac VPN out there on the internet.

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