EDL Support (for ComSkip/Plex/Channels DVR Recordings)

Infuse is my go-to for Movies and TV Shows. But as far as Live TV recordings, I solely use Plex or Channels DVR because they allow commercial skipping of recorded content. The way it works is through EDL files associated with the video files in the same directory for each video. If the EDL has a time marker that basically says “Skip this portion of the video” then the media player skips past that marker.

Right now MrMC on apple tv supports EDL’s but I hate hate hate the clunky old school interface it uses. I’d much rather use Infuse.

Having EDL support in a future Infuse release would mean I can ditch yet another app and integrate a more harmonious media ecosystem in my home.

Please FireCore, can you guys add EDL file support?


+1 for this. Signed up on the forum to add my request for this feature.


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I 100% agree. Being able to skip commercials for OTA Antenna recorded shows would be a killer feature. It would make Infuse my default playback app for all content, and probably would for many other people as well, since Plex does not support EDL files, and that has people looking for alternatives.

Would you please consider adding support for EDL files so that commercials can be autoskipped?

Add me to this request list. Recording with TvMosaic inserts comskip but Infuse doesn’t utilize the markers. Please add this feature, would be much appreciated.

Please add this feature to process EDL files, this would greatly improve the adoption of Infuse!

How do you get Plex to work with EDL instead of destructively removing and re-encoding?

Go to the Plex forums, request the feature https://forums.plex.tv/t/dvr-should-mark-commercials-then-automatically-skip-them/, and hope that the Plex devs someday implement non-destructive comskip. Otherwise, unfortunately, it’s not possible.

+1 for this feature. Please add it please.

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After searching the forum, i cannot find anything related to supporting Plex commercials skip feature (using the plex * detect commercials and mark for skip" feature ) . I would be surprised to be the only Infuse user wishing for this feature to get added :wink:

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You’re not, it was a bit hidden. :wink:

I moved your post to that thread.

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+1 this would be really helpful

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I was surprised this wasn’t an option.

Don’t forget that you need to click the like button on the first post in this thread to show your support for this suggestion! :wink: