Editions grouping not working inside collections on tvOS (but works on iOS)

Films that have multiple editions (think Apocalypse Now in Theatrical/Final/Redux variants) work fine on both tvOS and iOS.

But once films are grouped into a collection (via Plex in my case), multiple editions of a film in the collection will no longer be grouped together on tvOS (note the lack of the edition picker, and how the poster shows up multiple times on the bottom right, once for each edition).

It does however work on iOS (note how it lists the available editions for Blade Runner 2049, and correctly shows “3 Items” for Blade Runner’s International/Director’s/Final Cuts).

Combined screenshot:

The relevant settings under Collections & Groups are identical on tvOS and iOS (all settings enabled except “Group TV Shows Into Collections”; “Select Versin” set to “Auto”); both are running Infuse 7.5.6.

Okay, forget what I just said and maybe see if this helps explain things (from the thread introducing and discussing the feature):

Well… versions (~= resolutions) and editions (~= cuts) in Plex are not the same, and my files have the {edition-Blah Blah} notation in the file names.

Infuse correctly groups these by, and displays in the smart picker, these editions in iOS, and, for non-collection movies, in both iOS and tvOS, so it’s an Infuse-on-tvOS bug/inconsistency.

Yeah, don’t know why that would be different.

@james is there something I can do to help you reproduce or test this issue? :slight_smile:

This is working for me here when browsing Collections via Library collections when using non-Plex shares.

This may have something to do with how Plex handles editions and collections, as this is actually not officially supported yet. You can follow this thread for updates.

I get that it’s not officially supported yet, but… it already works on the iOS version of Infuse (see right-hand side of my “combined” screenshot), at least when I name the files appropriately (with the {edition-…} info in the file name).

So I am assuming this is down to just a small discrepancy in metadata handling between the tvOS and iOS builds that could maybe be fixed until the Plex Editions feature is more broadly supported?

Do you think this could be related to having to put each “edition” of a movie in a collection and so maybe accidentally you only had one of the editions added on tVOS? Currently, there’s no way to add all versions of a movie to a collection at once as the contextual menu for “more than 1 item that isn’t a tv show” doesn’t work at the moment.