Editions feature and multiple video tracks

I just ripped my Logan Blu-ray today, which came with both Logan (color, theatrical release) and Logan Noir (black and white video release). I muxed them together into a single mkv file with two video tracks. This seems like an appropriate setup because both discs use the same audio, subtitles and chapters, so muxing them together saves space. Plus it’s just one title, so it keeps it all together. There is only one title in TMDB for the movie as well, so a single file seems to be the right approach.

My mkv works nicely in VLC where I can select the video track I want and switch it mid stream if I like, but it’s not working for Infuse. I was reading that Infuse supports editions, but I can’t figure out how to switch to the Logan Noir edition. I labeled the video tracks Logan and Logan Noir, respectively.

Can someone offer tips to help me get this working in Infuse? I know I can use separate mkv files, but then I end up with wasted space and duplicate entries unless I do some local customization of the metadata, which I would like to avoid. Since all of the content is the same except for the video stream, it seems like a natural fit for this title.

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