Editing the Genre Listing in Sapphire

Does anyone have any detailed information on how to remove/modify/edit the main genre listings in Sapphire? I would like to consolidate Animation and Family/Kids into one genre.

I would also then like to modify the metadata for each of my movies so that if I have say Disney’s “Meet the Robinsons” on my HDD, it doesn’t show up in 3 different genres. Right now I think it shows up in Animation, Family, Sci-Fi, etc.

I think this should be a feature added to the settings of Sapphire as it would make things much easier for people to use the application. It is nice to get all the info from imdb, but it would be much better if during import you could select the genre that you want the movie in yourself. Or like how you can flag favorites, etc and then choose to skip them - why not Flag select movies and then choose the genre they belong in.