Editing shared folder data

Hi there,

i’m moving soon and thus will take several of my devices, including my NAS, with me. Installing a new router, possibly changing some IP ranges and installing the devices all new will eventually change ip addresses, host names and more. After sorting my library for hours I noticed that the relevant information like Host Name/location, Connection type or username cannot be changed after letting Infuse know about the shared folder for the first time.
I also noticed that Infuse automatically used the .local domain to resolve the host name. Thats especially troublesome since I’m also using a VPN connection to access all relevant devices from the outside and even though I use my local router to resolve all DNS names, the .local addresses don’t get resolved, for whatever reason.
Accessing my Synology NAS via e.g. https://nas:5001 via the Chrome browser on my iPhone via connected to my VPN works, but https://nas.local:5001 doesn’t.
Infuse however uses nas.local right now and I cannot change it, as it seems.
It would be nice to either allow users to change a few more shared folder parameters afterwards, like username or host address, or, what would be an option too, if the metadata I already prepared wouldn’t be deleted as soon as I remove the shared folder and all favourite folders attached to it and re-install it with the proper settings again.
Is one of both already possible or if not, are there other ways I didn’t think about yet?
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Unfortunately, changing hostnames isn’t supported right now, as Infuse uses this info to identify unique folder/file paths and organize metadata.

I’m going to move this over to suggestions for now.