Editing Metadata

Here’s a problem. I have a box set which shows up OK on the TV Series list and fetched Metadata that is partly right and partly wrong. e.g. the picture and title of the series is OK, but the episodes listed are not those on my set. The episodes listed do exist, but on another season or in the wrong order. So episode 1 is actually episode 4 on my set and episode 2 is on season 6 not season 1. There must have been two releases of this box set. (It’s not a conventional TV series so there is no sequence to follow).

How do I edit/correct individual episodes ? The “Editing Metadata” button etc only seems to refer to the entire season not the individual episodes. What am I doing wrong ?


Infuse will use data from the tv database (for tv shows) so you can check on that site and see what order they have listed (theTVDB.com or themoviedb.org for films). These database websites are very strict about having shows listed in the order they originally aired on tv and/or original DVD release and will not change their data because of ordering variations within box sets. In your case, sounds like the best option for you would be to match it with the TVDB listing, then create xml files for each episode so you will have the correct information stored locally. With a tv series, it may take a little bit to create all the xml files, but once you have mastered one, it can be used as a template for the others. I would look at this page which has all the info and a sample xml file Metadata 101 – Firecore

It takes a bit to get your head around at first but becomes easier.

Thanks. I looked on the site you referenced and the mismatches are obviously visible - see this page for example : https://www.thetvdb.com/series/architectures/seasons/1. The order listed is not the same as the order shown on the pic of the series dvd ! So I’ll have to create my own for each episode.

If you can’t beat them - join them. Easiest to just accept the original numbering as all the episodes on the DVDs are actually listed.

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