Editing hosts file to disable updated (ATV2)


Today I just installed everything again, except nitoTv, I don’t use it. But I wanted to edit the hosts file to disable updates on ATV2. When I opened the file I found that it already had those three lines at the end: mesu.apple.com appldnld.apple.com appldnld.apple.com.edgesuite.net

The question is… who put that there? seas0npass? atv flash 1.2? Can I be sure that the device won’t ask me for update?


Both aTV Flash (black) and nitoTV will disable updates by default.

Great, thanks!


I have been trying to upgrade to the latest Apple 5.2 (6.0.1) for couple of days now.

After looking around I found those 3 entries you mentioned above and removed them.


Only then I could finally upgrade.


This might be a hint to put somewhere for those trying to upgrade and could not.