Edit TMDB collections

Would like to suggest the ability to change / edit collections established in TMDB. Case in point - TMDB has all the movies within the Marvel Cinematic Universe broken out into collections by characters. There are some of us that would rather have them all under 1 collection. Would like the ability to break up those collections within Infuse however the user would like. Plex and Emby have this capability and does not lock the user into TMDB rules.
Also when it comes to user created collections, when you drill into it, the movies order within that collection are based on when that item was added. Suggest the standard order should be at least by year. If a collection contains many movies (for example a user created collection of Laurel & Hardy movies), it becomes an overwhelming task to rearrange everything based on the year released.


Wouldn’t that be the same as a custom collection (which we can already create) once you change what TMDB provides?

Problem is, as in the case with the Marvel movies, the individual character collections still show up. Only way I know to get around that is to turn off TMDB collections. BUT…then every single collection has to be a custom collection. So by throwing all the Marvel movies into 1 collection still leaves you with all the character collections established by TMDB. Maybe some folks will like it that way…see them all together AND broken out by character. Others (like me) might want a cleaner database where everything is under 1 collection.
Here is another case in point… The Jack Ryan collection. TMDB only has Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games and Clear & Present Danger in that collection…and does NOT include Shadow Recruit and Sum of all Fears. You cant add those two movies to the collection in Infuse (suggestion to implement that), but you certainly can in Plex, Emby and Jellyfin. If you try to add them in TMDB you might get spanked by their monitors and then they are promptly removed.

Hope that all makes sense!

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Yup. You can’t change TMDB collections; that’s a fact and it can’t be changed.

The way Infuse imports them, it doesn’t seem they can be changed locally, either.

How did you create your custom Marvel Cinematic Universe Collection?

If you added each movie individually, are they still grouping inside your MCU custom collection by TMDB collection?

Or did you add movies to your MCU collection the easier way, by just adding all the contained TMDB collections?

Have you tried turning off the “group Movies by collection” setting?

You’ll still have access to the collections via the collections menu — but the movies should no longer be collected in the library (meaning they shouldn’t be grouped inside your custom collection, either).

For the MCU movies, I added them individually to the custom MCU collection. By doing it this way, they are not grouped by character within the collection. No I have not turned off “group movies by collection” since I want to keep the integrity of the Library and have to switch to anything else.

With Plex, Emby and Jellyfin, they all pull collections from TMDB but with the extra benefit of actually editing those collections (adding to or removing movies). Its lnot “locked” per say like Infuse has it. If those 3 platforms can implement that, I’m sure Infuse can.

Plus when Infuse enables the user to actually select or add their own Collection art, this will just make things MUCH better.

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The first three platforms rely and run on server-side software. Infuse is a stand alone client that must manage everything within the confines of the Apple devices to which it is installed and Apple developer software.

For those who need the services provided by Plex, et al., they all have client apps and Infuse can also serve has a hybrid-client.

Custom collection art for custom collections is said to be coming very soon. That will definitely improve things greatly.

I absolutely get where you’re coming from. It’s easiest to just allow Infuse to group Movies by collection, but the inability to edit them afterward is definitely an annoyance.

I first discovered this when it created a Saw collection, but didn’t include the movie Spiral and there was no way to add it to the collection. Sure, I could create a custom collection with Spiral added, but then I’d have two Saw collections, with a one-movie difference between the two.

If I turn off the TMDB collections entirely, then I’d have to recreate every single collection myself … a very cumbersome undertaking to ensure I have all the same collections, just to “fix” the small handful that aren’t the way I like. So I’ve just dealt with having collections based on TMDB’s rules … the only custom collection I’ve created so far is for Unbreakable/Split/Glass, since those didn’t get automatically grouped for me.

But yeah, I really hope that Infuse will incorporate the ability to add/remove movies from automatic collections in the future.

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Maybe they can add a feature that lets us use TMDB collections as templates for our custom collections? For example, long press a TMDB collection, and select “Add Movies to Custom Collection”?

tldr: No date for the moment.

This is me bugging them in 2021

Go and vote for this TMDB feature here Trello

This is me bugging them in 2023

That’s why if Infuse switch to Trakt for metadata, users can just adopt lists like this from Trakt.

That would be a fine compromise I suppose, but it’s really only useful if we could subsequently delete the TMDB collection that we’re using as the template. Otherwise, we still wind up with 2 similar collections. But you can’t just delete individual TMDB collections. As it is, it’s an all-or-nothing approach.

While toying around just now with the TMDB collections, I will say that it appears that the option to “delete” a movie from one of their collections exists in Infuse (when right-clicking one of the films), just not the ability to add a movie. I haven’t tested the delete option’s actual functionality though, since, well, there wouldn’t seem to be a way to add it back if successful. My guess though is that the “delete” option within a TMDB collection is actually just deleting the movie entirely from the library, as opposed to removing it from the collection.

I think it might actually delete the file from the source (as opposed to just the Library or Collection) — so be doubly careful experimenting with that.

Agree — The ability to “hide” specific TMDB collections (instead of just the whole lot of them) would certainly be a very convenient timesaver that would really super-power the utility of Infuse’s support of custom collections.

The first one is something Travis has at least expressed willingness to consider adding to the site at some unspecified point in the future…

The second … don’t hold your breath. That decision’s already been made and has long been zealously enforced.

Is there a way, or possibility to get the ability to add movies to a “default” collection? Some movies aren’t added for wacky reasons and it’s wacky to be left with the option of near redundant collections or turning off auto collections (and getting tiles instead of artwork). A few examples of movies like this are F&F-Hobbs and Shaw not being in the FF Collection, Bumblebee not being in the Transformers, or Ghostbusters 2016 not being with the others (yeah, I know).

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I moved your post to a currently running thread requesting this feature.

Don’t forget that you need to click the like button on the first post in this thread to show your support for this suggestion! :wink:

Ah, my phrasing was just different enough that it didn’t show up when I searched! Thanks!

Hi, not sure if this is possible but I couldn’t figure it out so wanted to ask.

I have the Superman box set that has all 4 regular movies plus the Donner cut of Superman 2.

Infuse will automatically group the regular movies into a Superman collection for me but does not include the donner cut in that collection. It does recognize the movie though and does correctly load the graphics etc for it.

I would like for the donner cut to go into the collection as a 5th movie so I get the correct graphics and artwork for it.

I know that I can make it a special edition of Superman 2 using the file naming but that will just put it in under Superman 2 and I will lose the extra graphics.

Is there a way to edit/add a movie to an existing collection or do I have to create a new collection myself?


You have to create a custom collection. Editing TMDB’s collections is not yet possible.